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Northumbria Vikings are a dark age re-enactment group based in the North East of England, and are part of the national UK re-enactment society called THE VIKINGS. The Vikings are the largest and longest established dark age re-enactment society in the United Kingdom, and Northumbria were one of the founding groups Northumbria: Viking era 866 AD - 1066 AD Viking invasion and settlement. On June 8th 793, in an unprecedented attack which shocked the whole of Europe, a raiding party of Vikings from Norway attacked Lindisfarne. Monks fled in fear and many were slaughtered The Viking invasions of the ninth century and the establishment of the Danelaw once again divided Northumbria. Although primarily recorded in the southern provinces of England, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles (particularly the D and E recensions) provide some information on Northumbria's conflicts with Vikings in the late eighth and early ninth centuries The Viking Northumbria - or Nordimbraland as the Vikings named it - was roughly the name given to the landscape between the river Humber in the south and the Firth of Forth in the north. At the time of the Vikings, Northumbria was considerably larger than the present day's county, encompassing Yorkshire as well and also parts of Lancashire Ælla was King of Northumbria, a kingdom in medieval England, during the middle of the 9th century. Sources on Northumbrian history in this period are limited, and so Ælla's ancestry is not known and the dating of the beginning of his reign is questionable. In addition to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Ælla is also mentioned in Scandinavian sources, such as the Norse sagas. According to the latter, Ælla captured the semi-legendary Swedish-Danish Viking leader Ragnar Lodbrok and put.

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  1. Northumbria, a kingdom of Angles, in what is now northern England and south-east Scotland, was initially divided into two kingdoms: Bernicia and Deira. The two were first united by Aethelfrith around the year 604, and except for occasional periods of division over the subsequent century, they remained so. The exceptions are during the brief period from 633 to 634, when Northumbria was plunged into chaos by the death of King Edwin in battle and the ruinous invasion of Cadwallon ap.
  2. Vikings duo in fabulous win! Northumbria's two Superstar veteran riders, Gavin Parr and Jason Keith played their part in our adopted Edinburgh Falcons team's fantastic win over 2019 League Champions Astley & Tyldesley (Wigan) on Sunday 15th March 2020, their second victory in two visits to the Lancashire track
  3. The Vikings stayed in East Anglia for the winter before setting out for Northumbria towards the end of 866, establishing themselves at York. In 867, the Northumbrians paid danegeld and the Viking Army established a puppet leader in Northumbria before setting off for the Kingdom of Mercia , where in 867 they captured Nottingham
  4. e enemies! King Ælle Ælle (or Aella) was the spiteful and vindictive Saxon King of Northumbria. 1 Biography 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Season 4 2 Personality 3 In History 4 Quotes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Appearances Ælle's hatred toward Ragnar begins at their first encounter. Ragnar defeats his men twice and plunders his kingdom. Ælle executes Wigea.
  5. Het Grote heidense leger (Nieuwengels: Great Heathen Army) van Deense Vikingen landde in 867 op de Britse kust en veroverde Northumbria, dat een onderdeel van de Danelaw werd. Een Engelse herovering bleef tijdelijk, in 878 werd het Deense Koninkrijk Jorvik gevestigd
  6. Northumbria var ett anglosaxiskt kungadöme från 654 till början av 900-talet i vad som nu är norra England.Namnet har uppstått ur det förhållande att riket låg norr om floden Humber. [1]Historia. Landet bildades genom att rikena Deira och Bernicia förenades av Ethelfrid, kung av Bernicia, omkring år 604.Vid ett slag vid floden Idle år 616 blev han dödad av kung Raedwald av East.
  7. Ecgberht of Northumbria was the son of King Aelle. Ecgberht was presumed to become King of Northumbria after the death of his father at the hands of Bjorn and his defeat against the Great Heathen Army. His current state is unknown, but is presumed dead along with the rest of his family. Historically, Ecgberht was installed by the Vikings as a puppet king of Northumbria in 866, after the death.

Vikings - Shield Wall Battle On The Beach Of Northumbria [Season 1 Official Scene] (1x04) - YouTube. Vikings - Shield Wall Battle On The Beach Of Northumbria [Season 1 Official Scene] (1x04) Watch. The Northumbria Vikings was born in 2018 after a number of unofficial efforts at Northumbria since around 2015. The Society is now officially sanctioned and supported by the University directly and the societies goal is to bring all Esports players together under one banner. We aim to offer the best competitive experience in Newcastle Northumbria Vikings, Newcastle upon Tyne. 138 likes. Northumbria Vikings Official Page: https://northumbriasport.com/sport/e-sport

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  1. Lord Æthelwulf (Old English for Noble Wolf) was the brother of King Ælle. He was a respected warrior and commander and had been known to command Northumbria's armies in battle in the name of his brother. 1 Biography 1.1 Season 1 2 Trivia 3 Appearances In A King's Ransom, Æthelwulf has just arrived upon being summoned by his brother. King Ælle asked him to lead his forces to battle and.
  2. Du kannst Vikings Wiki helfen, indem du ihn erweiterst. In Northumbria herrschte König Aelle Northumbria war im Norden Englands. Abgerufen von https://vikings.fandom.com/de/wiki/Northumbria?oldid=4300 . Kategorien
  3. Great Heathen Army appears in Northumbria - Vikings 4x18 - YouTube. Great Heathen Army appears in Northumbria - Vikings 4x18. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If.
  4. Introduction. Northumbria Northumbria Vikings are a dark age re-enactment group based in the North East of England, and are part of the national UK re-enactment society called THE VIKINGS.. As the name suggests Northumbria cover the entire North-East of England in the original Saxon kingdom of the same name
  5. Hubba is named as a leader of the army in Northumbria by Abbo of Fleury, and by the Historia de Sancto Cuthberto. Symeon of Durham lists the leaders of the Viking army as Halfdene, Inguar, Hubba, Beicsecg, Guthrun, Oscytell, Amund, Sidroc and another duke of the same name, Osbern, Frana, and Harold.[12
  6. Canadian guitar and bass ambient duo Northumbria delivers a vikings journey Bandcamp: https://cryochamber.bandcamp.com/album/helluland Spotify: https://o..

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  2. From original title : Fehu - Wardrun
  3. Ragnar Lothbrok or Lodbrok (Old Norse: Ragnarr Loðbrók, Ragnar shaggy breeches, Modern Icelandic: Ragnar Loðbrók) is a legendary Viking hero, as well as, according to the Gesta Danorum, a legendary Danish and Swedish king. He is known from Old Norse poetry of the Viking Age, Icelandic sagas, and near-contemporary chronicles.According to the traditional literature, Ragnar Lothbrok.
  4. g på Northumbria University
  5. Northumbria Vikings Short Track Club, Cramlington. 484 likes · 515 were here. see http://www.northumbriacsc.org OR http://www.newcastlecsc.org.uk - researching the.

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  1. g soon to Amazon Prime Video and the History Channel. Ahead of the final 10 episodes, fans are curious to know more about the Anglo-Saxon King, Aella of Northumbria
  2. Northumbria, Old English Northanhymbre, one of the most important kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, lying north of the River Humber.During its most flourishing period it extended from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, between two west-east lines formed in the north by the Ayrshire coast and the Firth of Forth and in the south by the River Ribble, or the Mersey, and the Humber
  3. Northumbria Northumbria Vikings are a dark age re-enactment group based in the North East of England, and are part of the national UK re-enactment society called THE VIKINGS. As the name suggests Northumbria cover the entire North-East of England in the original Saxon kingdom of the same name
  4. Aelle, King of Northumbria, is captured attempting to retake York from the Danes. Earl Osbert of Bernicia is killed during the battle. Aelle is subjected to the horrific Blood Eagle ordeal by the Vikings. His ribs are torn out and folded back to form the shape of an eagle's wings

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Eric Bloodaxe: Murderous Viking King of Norway and Northumbria . A Viking warrior with an axe. Eric Bloodaxe raided around Britain before settling into a kingship there. ( lassedesignen /Adobe Stock) Eric Haraldsson is said to have been a 10th century ruler of Norway and Northumbria Vikings är en TV-serie skriven och skapad av Michael Hirst för TV-kanalen History. Serien hade premiär 3 mars 2013, och första säsongen bestod av nio avsnitt där Johan Renck, Ciarán Donnelly och Ken Girotti regisserade tre avsnitt var. Den är inspelad på Irland och har inspirerats av berättelserna om Ragnar Lodbrok, en av de mest ökända vikingarna som besökte Britannien och Frankrike. Han ansågs vara en plågoande för engelsmännen och fransmännen. Serien speglar. Northumbria Vikings are pleased to announce that they have a new Welfare Officer as part of our ongoing committment to safeguarding all attendees. Welcome to the post to long-serving and one of our founding members Norman Carson. Norman lives virtually just behind the track and is also handily placed for track maintenance work! Vikings take top priz

Poster print depicting Northumbria (the North of England and southern Scotland) in the Viking Age from 866 to 1066. Showing invasions, raids, main areas of Viking settlement, major events plus a timeline of the Viking kings of York and the rulers of Bamburgh. The locations of Viking hogback sculptures, Viking camps, battles, place-names, Viking. For now, the Vikings are gone, but after two successful raids to Northumbria, they are certain to return. First, Ragnar has to defeat his earl and to take his place, but after he has become earl, nothing can hold him back from raiding England again - this time with three ships instead of one KS2 History Vikings learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers Northumbria, Old English Northanhymbre, one of the most important kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, lying north of the River Humber. During its most flourishing period it extended from the Irish Sea to the North Sea , between two west-east lines formed in the north by the Ayrshire coast and the Firth of Forth and in the south by the River Ribble , or the Mersey, and the Humber Mercia, eller Mierce, var ett anglosaxiskt kungarike i det som kallas Midlands, i mellersta England, mellan 527 och 918. Namnet kommer från fornengelskans merce som betyder gränsfolk. Riket och dess underlydande var beläget vid floden Trent. Mercias grannar var Northumbria, Powys, de sydwalesiska kungarikena, Wessex, Sussex, Essex och Östangeln. Hur Mercia blev ett kungarike är höljt i dunkel, arkeologiska utgrävningar visar att det fanns angliska folk norr om Themsen på.

Aella, King of Northumbria, has a major supporting role in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Man of Law's Tale. Ælla was played by Frank Thring in the film The Vikings (1958) as the main antagonist. A character broadly based on Ælla is played by Ivan Kaye in the History Channel's drama series Vikings (2013) Aella of Northumbria, Aella also spelled Aelle or Ælla, (died March 21 or 23, 867, York, Northumbria [now North Yorkshire, England]), Anglo-Saxon king of Northumbria who succeeded to the throne in 862 or 863, on the deposition of Osbert, although he was not of royal birth. The Scandinavian legendary history Gesta Danorum regarded Aella as the king responsible for the death of the Viking. Aella was succeeded by Ecgberht (played by Linus Roache) who was appointed as King of Northumbria by the Vikings. In the TV series, Ecgberht is portrayed as Aella's son but in reality, this was. King Aella in Vikings was the ruthless Saxon King of Northumbria. The character is based on the real Saxon king of the same name, who ruled in the mid-ninth century until his death in 867 The North East of England which is where the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria was basically located has long been entwined with Vikings. It was here the Lindisfarne raid in 793 ushered in the Viking Age and in 1066, the Battle of Stamford Bridge ended Viking pretensions to an empire

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Mon - Fri : 8:30am to 9:30pm; Sat & Sun : 9:00am to 6:00pm; Home; About Us; Arthritis. Understanding Arthritis; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Spondyloarthritis Grou Royal Family of Northumbria Aelle: King of Northumbria. Ragnar's nemesis and the first Saxon king to be attacked by the Vikings. Hates them passionately for the damage done to Northumbria, his family and his reputation. Fears the threat to his world and strives to protect it. Devout Christian. Despises pagans. Ealhswith: King Aelle's wife Northumbria (England) is the location of a raid in Episode 1 East vs West in Season 2. The Norheim Vikings briefly discuss to (probably) settle there, because the land is rich, the opponents are weak and it's quite beautiful, so building a settlement would be nice.. Historically, Northumbria was raided many times by Vikings and even Kings were installed. . You can read more about the details he

Eadwulf II in 796 was declared King of Northumbria and when he died circa 830 his son Eadwulf III succeeded to the title. Eadwulf III died circa 840 and his son Eadwulf IV was only a child then and so did not succeed to a title until the 870's or later King of Northumbria is a storyline quest that begins upon the completion of Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme. Your destination is the city of Eoforwic (York) , so head there when you're ready. Upon entering York, your hird will be greeted by the King's Champion, Leofric , who will say they've heard of your deeds in Scarborough and that the king has requested to speak with you

A Nortúmbria (em inglês: Northumbria; em anglo-saxão: Norþanhymbre) era um reino anglo formado na Grã-Bretanha no início do século VII; é também o nome de um condado, bem menor em território, que sucedeu ao reino. O termo provém do limite meridional do reino, o estuário Humber (north of Humber, norte do Humber) Northumbria (Northanhymbre Old English) is an important Kingdom in northern England. The people of the kingdom ofNorthumbriaspeak old English with aNorthumbrian dialect. The demonym for people ofNorthumbriaare calledNorthumbrians Waltheof I was the earl of Northumbria (963-995), the son and successor of Osulf I. His name is Scandinavian and implies that he had Viking ancestors. It remained in his family when Earl Siward married his great-granddaughter and named his son Waltheof. This son of Siward became Waltheof II, Earl of Northumbria Northumbria Vikings Short Track Club, Cramlington, United Kingdom. 481 likes · 1 talking about this · 515 were here. see http://www.northumbriacsc.org OR..

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The Vikings began dividing up Northumbria preparing to settle the land permanently. 876 (during) Alfred made a deal with Guthrum, leader of the Vikings, but Guthrum did not keep the deal. He killed his Saxon hostages and moved to Exeter, leaving the Viking ships at Wareham Kings and kingship in Viking Northumbria Rory McTurk (University of Leeds) In this paper, to be delivered in York, I should like to discuss two Viking kings of York, Ívarr (d. 873) and Rögnvaldr (d. 920). Historically, these two were in all probability grandfather and grandso The larger than life figure of Siward, earl of Northumbria first appears on the pages of history in the year 1033, when he stood as a witness in a charter by King Canute for Archbishop Ælfric of York. Siward is generally considered to be of Danish stock, the 'Vita Ædwardi Regis', which was. This page contains an outline of all available quests during the prologue and the three acts. 1 Main Quests 1.1 Prologue 1.2 Act 1: Preparations for Setting Sail 1.3 Act 2: Expedition in British Isles 1.4 Orkneyjar 1.5 Northumbria 1.6 Pictavia 1.7 Act 3: Althing and after Althing 2 Side Quests 2.1 Denmark 2.1.1 Skjern 2.1.2 Erlingr's Farm 2.1.3 Forest (Near Skjern) 2.1.4 Ribe 2.1.5 Marsh (Near. <p>As such members can be either Anglo-Saxon or Viking, or a mix of both. Monks fled in fear and many were slaughtered. </p> <p>Aethelfrith, ruler of Bernicia (593-616), won control of Deira, thereby creating the kingdom of Northumbria. Forkbeard died in February 1014 and his son Canute was elected south and later the west. attended but Guthfrith, King of Dublin and York chose not to attend.

Oswald, King of Northumbria, is also venerated as a saint... In recent years shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom have demonstrated an increased interest in Anglo-Saxon England, the centuries spanning from the Roman Empire abandoning England to the Norman Conquest have become increasingly prominent exemplified by renewed interest in figures such as Alfred the Great Ragnar is depicted as a viking king of Denmark and Sweden who marries at a young age, is widowed and then remarries, having at least two sons with his first wife and five with his second. Book IX of Gesta Danorum describes an earlier marriage than the sagas (giving Ragnar three wives in total with another son and two unnamed daughters) as well as Ragnar having children with women other than.

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After the two realms united as Northumbria the capital was moved to York. Bamburgh was again the capitol of local Bernician rulers after the Viking destruction of the old Northumbrian kingdom in 867. Initially puppets of the Vikings, they later had more autonomy under either the Vikings or Kings of united England König Aelle von Northumbria oder auch Elle, Alle, Alli oder Ella geschrieben, war ein englischer König während der angelsächsischen Heptarchie. Als Heptarchie wurde die Teilung England zwischen dem 6. und 9. Jahrhundert bezeichnet. Demnach existierten statt einem großen englischen Reich, mehrere kleine Reiche unabhängig voneinander. Aelles Regierungszeit über das englische [

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Scandinavian and Irish Viking Characters. Halfdan Ragnarsson A Scandinavian Viking and a commander of the Great Heathen Army who participated in the conquests of Northumbria, East Anglia and Mercia as well as the failed conquest of Wessex in 871. Ruled Southern Northumbria as king from 876 to 877, and potentially Dublin as well between 875 and 877 Ivar's forces landed in East Anglia to begin their invasion. Having met little resistance, they moved north to Northumbria, capturing York in 866. In March 867, King Ælla and deposed King Osberht joined forces against their common enemy. Both were killed, marking the start of Viking occupation in parts of England

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Northumbria was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in northern England and southeastern Scotland which existed from 654 to 876, with York serving as its capital. The kingdom was formed as the amalgamation of Deira and Bernicia in 654, and it extended from the River Humber and the River Mersey in the south to the Firth of Forth in Scotland in the north. In 865, the Great Heathen Army of Vikings invaded. In 793 Viking raiders attacked the coastal monastery of Lindisfarne. In 866 the Viking 'great army' attacked the city of York and conquered the kingdom of Northumbria. After that, as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records, 'they shared out the land of the Northumbrians and they proceeded to plough and to support themselves' The Vikings turned around the dwindling Anglo-Saxon port of Eoforwic making it into a prosperous city with much significance within the Danish kingdom of Northumbria, and increased its local and international trade. They called it Jorvik. Local efforts to oust the invaders failed and by March 867 Northumbria became a Danish stronghold Letter from Alcuin to Ethelred, king of Northumbria. The first Viking raids were hit-and-run affairs. There was no co-ordination and no long-term plan behind them. Raids were not even a new hazard.. The Vikings robbed the monastery of all the valuables they could get their hands on, but there were two important treasures they overlooked - the beautiful, handwritten and illuminated bible The Lindisfarne Gospels, and the exquisite carved oak coffin containing the relics of St. Cuthbert

A large number of Vikings landed in East Anglia and gathered horses and supplies from the surrounding areas in preparation for their assault on Northumbria. Their leaders were Ivar the Boneless, son of Ragnar Lodbrok, and possibly Anlaf (Olaf) Cuaran, the King of Dublin First the Vikings attacked Northumbria, seizing York in 867, and then Mercia, where they besieged Nottingham. Next, battles raged across southern England as the Viking host clashed with the armies of Mercia and Wessex. In 871 the raiders were reinforced by what the Chronicle describes as a 'summer army' under the leadership of Guthrum The Saxons had fared no better, and so their dominion stopped in Northumbria. By the time the Vikings came on the scene, what is now Scotland was a patchwork of competing kingdoms, and each of these kingdoms was a patchwork of competing tribes and clans. These diverse tribes fell into two basic categories: Picts and Scots

Better known as Cnut the Great, in the early 11 th century this Danish Viking conquered Denmark, England, Norway, and parts of Sweden, creating a territory often known as the North Sea Empire. He stabilized trade routes and revised laws to create uniform punishments for crimes across his territory He led the Viking army to a conquest of Mercia in 874 AD, organised a parcelling out of land among the Vikings in Northumbria in 876 AD, and in 878 AD moved south and forced most of the population. History of Northumbria: Viking era 866 AD - 1066 AD VIKING INVASION AND SETTLEMENT DANISH TAKEOVER On June 8th 793, in an unprecedented attack which shocked the whole of Europe, a raiding party of Vikings from Norway attacked Lindisfarne. Monks fled in fear and many were slaughtered Furious, the English king threatened to destroy Northumbria unless they submitted to his rule. This time, the Northumbrians decided to appease Eadred, and they expelled Eric. Silver penny of Eric Bloodaxe. ( CC BY NC SA 4.0 ) After Eric was expelled, the Northumbrians had accepted a new king, an Irish Viking by the name of Olaf Sihtricsson Jórvík was a Viking kingdom in northern England which existed from 867 to 954. In 865, the Great Heathen Army invaded Northumbria to avenge the murder of Ragnarr Lodbrok at the hands of King Aella of Northumbria, and the Vikings under Ragnarr's son Halfdan Whiteshirt captured the Northumbrian capital of York in 867 and had Aella brutally executed

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Viking replacement, but came out supporting the claims of Eadwig's Porta i tuoi fandom preferiti con te e non perdere mai un colpo. guarantee control of the Irish Sea. kings in the north was always precarious. Northumbria Vikings Official Page: https:. The king of Northumbria. He is furious with the Vikings for their incursion into his lands. Vikings Season 1 Recap and Reactions Episode 1: Rites of Passage Ragnar explains the workings of the sunstone to Rollo. The series opens in 793 A.D. and gets right into the fighting. Ragnar Lothbrok and Rollo battle Baltic warriors When the Vikings came to Northumbria during Ragnar's second raid, Aelle never took his time to study and understand them before attacking. He could even have gone to ask for Ecbert's help, but he chose to attack them on his own, causing the embarrassing defeat. RELATED:Vikings: Ecbert's Best (& Worst) Character Trait

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The Vikings attack on the holy island of Lindisfarne off the northern coast of Northumbria is the earliest recorded and the best known of the Viking raids in the west. There was situated the monastery of St. Cuthbert, one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage in Britain, and it was there that th Ivar the Boneless was one of the most feared Vikings in history — and he couldn't even stand without somebody holding him up. In Viking tradition, someone like him would've been killed at birth, but Ivar was protected because he was the son of a powerful chief

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In case you side with Northumbria and she is hirdmember, she will leave the hird at some point during a visit to the first campsite after Fort of the Thicket. During Into the Dark, you will find her at the side of Grianne, who you have to fight. In case you incapacitate her during the battle, she will be heavily wounded De första strandhuggen av vikingar i England skedde vid Dorchester någon gång mellan 786 och 793 samt attacken på klostret Lindisfarne 793 på Englands östkust. År 794 attackerade vikingarna S:t Egferths kloster vid Wearmouth i Northumbria.Här bjöd invånarna motstånd och en av vikingahövdingarna stupade. En svår storm tog sedan flera av deras skepp och de som räddade sig i land.

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From the remains of five Viking ships in Denmark to the excavation of an ancient rubbish dump in Westray, uncover the finds that have revealed an enormous amount about Viking life. In 1992 Mark. Eirik Bloodaxe has an archetypal Viking nickname and was renowned as a fierce warrior. From his early teens onwards he was involved in raiding around the British Isles and in the Baltic, and at different points in his career he was king in both western Norway and in Northumbria, where he still has a legacy in York's Viking-based tourist industry Additionally, a Viking settlement made by Leif is believed to relate to the remains of a Norse settlement found in Newfoundland, Canada called L'Anse aux Meadows and which was occupied in 1000 To understand the Vikings as a 'people' 19th-century historians turned to the written evidence of sagas and chronicles. However, the documents don't tell the whole story, as Gareth Williams explains

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Vikingarna (film) Vikingarna (originaltitel: The Vikings) är en amerikansk äventyrsfilm från 1958 regisserad av Richard Fleischer och med Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis och Janet Leigh i de ledande rollerna In 918, the Dublin Norse invaded Northumbria with the goal of exploiting Lady Aethelflaed of Mercia's death, but they were fought to a draw by the Scots and Northumbrians at the Battle of Corbridge. The Vikings ultimately took York in 919, and, in 920, the Vikings of York swore fealty to King Edward the Elder of Wessex Northumbria had been under Viking domination since AD 866 when the city of York was captured by the Viking micel here ('great horde'). Over the following nine decades, Scandinavian culture had seeped into many aspects of life in England's most northerly realm, changing habits of language, dress, belief and identity

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Kingdom of Northumbria 450AD-866AD. See also Northumbria in the Viking era 866-1066AD. Romans depart. For three and a half centuries Britain was under Roman rule. The Romans built roads, towns, forts and temples, bringing with them soldiers and cultures from across Europe Vikings: Lagertha star reveals 'great lengths' she went to for role in unearthed interview VIKINGS star Katheryn Winnick said she would do everything for the role in an unearthed interview ahead. The northmen's unexpected, vicious attack on the monastery at Lindisfarne in 793 is widely regarded as the beginning of the Viking Age. Here is the fascinating story of the Lindisfarne Viking raid. I was in primary school when I first learned about the Lindisfarne Viking raid. For whatever reason, the image of Viking ships sailing across the. The Viking invasion of Britain in 865 AD is sometimes called the Great Heathen Army, or Great Danish Army or the Great Viking Army. Previous invasions were for loot, but this one led to semi-permanent settlement.. A large force of Danish Vikings attacked Anglo-Saxon England.This army appeared in East Anglia in 865. Unlike earlier Vikings who made brief raids on England, the Great army stayed. Lindisfarne raid, Viking assault in 793 on the island of Lindisfarne off the coast of what is now Northumberland that marked the beginning of the Viking Age in Europe. The monastery at Lindisfarne was the center of Christianity in the kingdom of Northumbria, and the event sent tremors throughout English Christendom

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