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Introduction to MySQL Boolean. There is none of the built-in datatype present in MySQL for boolean values. However, MySQL provides us with TINYINT data type which can store values of integers with small values. We can declare the data type of the column whose behavior is like boolean with TINYINT(1) datatype MySQL can perform boolean full-text searches using the IN BOOLEAN MODE modifier. With this modifier, certain characters have special meaning at the beginning or end of words in the search string MySQL MySQLi Database. You can use tinyint (1) or bool or boolean. All are synonym. If you use bool or boolean datatype, then it nternally change into tinyint (1). In PHP, the value 0 represents false and 1 represents true. Any other number except 0 is also true On MySQL the data types BOOL and BOOLEAN are also available: CREATE TABLE `table_name` ( `column_name1` BOOL, `column_name2` BOOLEAN ); The BOOL and BOOLEAN data types are synonyms for TINYINT(1): These types (BOOL and BOOLEAN) are synonyms for TINYINT(1). A value of zero is considered false. Nonzero values are considered true

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1. When testing for Blind SQLi based on Boolean, the website that will be vulnerable, will not load fully as expected when you inject the query. 2. As a testing parameter you can use either OR / AND .Keep in mind that OR means anyone is true and AND means both must be true. According form the query The proof of it is in the explain output, with the number of rows required to determine the answer, and the lack of a use of an index (the ref column) even on the column for both queries. Mysql manual page for Explain Syntax. This query will give you faster and appropriate result Note that BOOL, BOOLEAN field types in MySQL are really just aliases for TINYINT(1). Many find it better to work with 0 and 1 as values for insert such that it is explicitly clear what you are trying to do in the code (i.e. not depending on casting behavior) - Mike Brant Nov 6 '12 at 21:3 But keep in mind the caveat that in MySQL, BOOLEAN is just a synonym of TINYINT(1). This, of course, means you can have values other than 0 or 1 if you are not careful. To avoid this, you can use the aliases TRUE and FALSE when inserting and updating data, as those map to 1 and 0 respectively

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  1. In the Boolean mode, MySQL searches for words instead of the concept like in the natural language search. MySQL allows you to perform a full-text search based on very complex queries in the Boolean mode along with Boolean operators. This is why the full-text search in Boolean mode is suitable for experienced users
  2. MySQL Boolean. A Boolean is the simplest data type that always returns two possible values, either true or false. It can always use to get a confirmation in the form of YES or No value. MySQL does not contain built-in Boolean or Bool data type. They provide a TINYINT data type instead of Boolean or Bool data types
  3. MySQL Backup and Recovery MySQL Globalization MySQL Information Schema MySQL Installation Guide MySQL and Linux/Unix MySQL and OS X MySQL Partitioning MySQL Performance Schema MySQL Replication Using the MySQL Yum Repository MySQL Restrictions and Limitations Security in MySQL MySQL and Solaris Building MySQL from Source Starting and Stopping MySQL MySQL Tutoria
  4. 本教程将向您展示如何使用MySQL BOOLEAN数据类型来存储布尔值:true和false。 MySQL BOOLEAN数据类型简介. MySQL没有内置的布尔类型。 但是它使用TINYINT(1)。 为了更方便,MySQL提供BOOLEAN或BOOL作为TINYINT(1)的同义词。 在MySQL中,0被认为是false,非零值被认为是true
  5. MySQL中的Boolean类型(没有Boolean) 这里记录一个在项目中开发的小事件:领导要求某个字段在mysql中存储类型为Boolean,并在其查看字段为tinyint时被小怼了一句(字段类型怎么还没有改成Boolean类型) 前台的参数类型大概如下: { xxx:xxx, xxx:xxx, enable:true或者false } 对于前台传递的一个参数enable是true或者false,要求数据库存储为Boolean类型 用MySQL比较熟悉都.

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  1. MySQL Globalization MySQL Information Schema MySQL Installation Guide Security in MySQL Starting and Stopping MySQL MySQL and Linux/Unix MySQL and Windows MySQL and OS X MySQL and Solaris Building MySQL from Source MySQL Restrictions and Limitations MySQL Partitioning MySQL Tutorial MySQL Performance Schema MySQL Replication Using the MySQL Yum Repositor
  2. If you use BOOL or BOOLEAN, then MySQL internally converts it into TINYINT(1). In BOOL or BOOLEAN data type, if you use true literal then MySQL represents it as 1 and false literal as 0 like in PHP/ C/ C++ language. To proof that MySQL convert the BOOL or BOOLEAN to TINYINT(1), let us create a table with BOOLEAN or BOOL column
  3. In this section, we show you how to use MySQL full-text search with various full-text searching techniques such as natural language search, Boolean language search and query expansion. MySQL Tips We provide you with the advanced MySQL techniques and tips to help you solve the most difficult challenges in MySQL effectively
  4. Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to use the MySQL OR operator to combine Boolean expressions for filtering data.. Introduction to the MySQL OR operator. The MySQL OR operator combines two Boolean expressions and returns true when either condition is true.. The following illustrates the syntax of the OR operator
  5. MySQL Boolean. MySQL does have a boolean data type. However, it is just a synonym for TINYINT which is a numeric field. A common alternative is to use a BIT field. A BIT data type is used to store bit values from 1 to 64. So, a BIT(1) field can be used for booleans, providing 1 for TRUE and 0 for FALSE. Just like in SQL Server

If you insert a value to a BIT(n) column that is less than n bits long, MySQL will pad zeros on the left of the bit value.. Suppose the first day of the second week is off, you can insert 01111100 into the days column.However, the 111100 value will also work because MySQL will pad one zero to the left MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual. Preface and Legal Notices. General Information. Installing and Upgrading MySQL. Tutorial. MySQL Programs. MySQL Server Administration. Test a value against a boolean IS NOT: Test a value against a boolean IS NOT NULL: NOT NULL value test IS NULL: NULL value test LIKE: Simple pattern matching NOT, ! Negates.

MySQL saves boolean data as tinyint(1) that is, 1 or 0, and not True/False values. Since tinyint can be easily saved as unsigned int we convert string into unsigned int. 3. We use a conditional expression (product='A') inside cast whose output is boolean Well i am new to MySql so i will be happy is someone can help me sort it out. I am migrating data from Microsoft SQL Server 7 to MySql 5. while i realy dont know how to handle the BOOLEAN fields is MySql or how to define them. Any help will be appriciated. Thanks BOOLEAN型とは、真理値をとるデータ型のことです。MySQLで真理値は、「true/false」「1/0」で表現されます。 BOOLEAN型のテーブルを作成. MySQLの中でBOOLEAN型を指定した場合、どのような扱いになるのかテーブルを作成して確認してみましょう In MySQL, it's a common pattern to use a BIT(1) field to store Boolean flags like isActive, isAdmin, or canDelete. If you use Node.js and the MySQL driver to retrieve these fields, however, you will find out that the MySQL driver converts BIT(1) fields to Node.js Buffer allocations, not Boolean values. This makes sense because BIT fields can contain multiple bit; so, the driver can't make any.

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Keep in mind, however, that MySQL seems to be trying to meet ANSI SQL standards, eventually. Thus (I hope) at some point bool and/or boolean will actually be to define a true boolean field. Also -- and this is important right now -- many texts suggest using bool or boolean (right now!) to define a TINYINT(1) for purposes of true/false fields BOOLEAN: Equal to BOOL: SMALLINT(size) A small integer. Signed range is from -32768 to 32767. MySQL uses the p value to determine whether to use FLOAT or DOUBLE for the resulting data type. If p is from 0 to 24, the data type becomes FLOAT()

MySQL BOOLEAN FULLTEXT SEARCH. A Boolean search mode is an additional form of full-text search in MySQL. It is more word-driven than the natural language search that means it searches for words instead of the concept mysql> create table TrueFalseTable -> ( -> Adult boolean default false -> ); Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.65 sec) Inserting records with no value, since we have set default above. mysql> insert into TrueFalseTable values(); Query OK, 1 row affected (0.16 sec

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I'm using the mysql connector availaible on this website. I don't find how I can specify that my type is boolean. here is the available types in MySqlDbType : MySqlDbType.Blob; MySqlDbType.Byte; MySqlDbType.Date; MySqlDbType.Datetime; MySqlDbType.Decimal; MySqlDbType.Double In MySQL, it's a common pattern to use a BIT(1) field to store Boolean flags like isActive, isAdmin, or canDelete. If you use Node.js and the MySQL driver to retrieve these fields, however, you will find out that the MySQL driver converts BIT(1) fields to Node.js Buffer allocations, not Boolean values

BOOLEAN. The SQL BOOLEAN type. CHAR. MySQL CHAR type, for fixed-length character data. DATE. The SQL DATE type. DATETIME. MySQL DATETIME type. DECIMAL. MySQL DECIMAL type. DOUBLE. MySQL DOUBLE type. ENUM. MySQL ENUM type. FLOAT. MySQL FLOAT type. INTEGER. MySQL INTEGER type. JSON. MySQL JSON type. LONGBLOB. MySQL LONGBLOB type, for binary data up to 2^32 bytes. LONGTEX I was about the Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql defaults being incompatible with the MySqlConnector defaults and whether Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql should forcibly set TreatTinyAsBoolean=false, or even better, find a way to handle TINYINT(1) as Boolean if TreatTinyAsBoolean=true or isn't present in the connection string MySQL has a datatype called TINYINT. You can use this datatype directly in your schema, but it is not a SQL standard type; only MySQL has it. SQLAlchemy has a datatype called Boolean that generates any number of different datatypes on databases, depending on what capabilities they have To store Boolean data, MySQL uses Tinyint(1) field type. We can store, update or delete Boolean data by using Tinyint(1) field type. Boolean data can take values TRUE or FALSE or UNKNOWN A Data Type specifies a particular type of data, like integer, floating points, Boolean, etc. It also identifies the possible values for that type, the operations that can be performed on that type, and the way the values of that type are stored. In MySQL, each database table has many columns and contains specific data types for each column

boolean mysql. sql by Adorable Addax on Oct 21 2020 Donate. -1. -- MySQL doesn't have a boolean. Instead, use TINYINT. BOOL and BOOLEAN -- are aliases to TINYINT. 0 is true, while 1 is false for TINYINT. -- You can also use TRUE, FALSE, true, false, True, or false as -- aliases for 0 and 1 respectively MySQL uses all the standard ANSI SQL numeric data types, so if you're coming to MySQL from a different database system, these definitions will look familiar to you. The following list shows the common numeric data types and their descriptions. MySQL Full text search: Full-Text Search in MySQL server lets users run full-text queries against character-based data in MySQL tables. There are three types of FULL text search - Natural Language Full-Text Searches, Boolean Full-Text searches, Query expansion searches . The full-text index can include one or more character-based columns in the table MySQL data types. SSDL 1. CSDL 1.NET. bool, boolean, bit(1) boolean Boolean System.Boolean tinyint sbyte SByte System.SByte tinyint unsigned tinyint Byte System.Byte smallint, year smallint Int16 System.Int16 int, integer, smallint unsigned, mediumint int Int32 System.Int32 bigint, int unsigned, integer unsigned, bit bigint Int6

boolean mysql Code Answer's. boolean mysql . sql by Clear Chamois on Jun 14 2020 Donate . 1. Source: www.mysqltutorial.org. boolean mysql . sql by Adorable Addax on Oct 21 2020 Donate -1 SQL answers related to boolean mysql add bool column in sql; add new. In MySQL, without having BOOLEAN data type how can we show TRUE and FALSE values? Any data type can be explicitly converted to boolean with the help of casting operator (bool) or (boolean), although, most of the times, conversion is done automatically whenever required The boolean mode is perhaps one of the most interesting things that MySQL full-text search has to offer. This mode has many caveats unique to it because it allows you to expand the search capabilities using boolean operators. When the boolean mode is in use, certain characters can have special meaning at the beginning or end of words. For example 1. A data type specifies a particular type of data, such as integer, floating-point, Boolean etc. 2. A data type also specifies the possible values for that type, the operations that can be performed on that type and the way the values of that type are stored. MySQL data types. MySQL supports a number of SQL standard data types i

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It appears as though the MySQL Connector for .NET is hardcoded to treat TINYINT(1) as a boolean, regardless of the data type it's eventually bound to. TINYINT(1) should only be converted to a boolean when it's bound to a bool property, and nothing else This was fine but using the MyDirect.NET provider from the Entity Framework, I had to use a BIT(1) column in MySQL for the mapping to work. Rick. Wednesday, June 25, 2008 5:13 P @tlrobinson this is a behavior of the MySQL JDBC driver. So it was put in there by MySQL devs. I'm not surprised the console doesn't display things as boolean values, because MySQL doesn't have a native boolean type. Anyways that's why allowing JDBC options makes sense. If the default behavior doesn't make sense for somebody, let them tweak it

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BOOLEAN. MySQL Boolean data type stores a column value as TRUE or FALSE. This data type is generally suited for storing flag values in the MySQL tables. For example - A Bank Account table having a column named is_savings_account can store either true or false. The BOOLEAN value is stored in MySQL as 1 or 0 for TRUE and FALSE, respectively. MySQL. WITH_MYSQL - boolean - Should CMake try to detect mysqlclient libraries providing MySQL C API. Note, currently the mysql_config program is not being used. MYSQL_DIR - string - Path to MySQL installation root directory. CMake will scan subdirectories MYSQL_DIR/include and MYSQL_DIR/lib respectively for MySQL headers and libraries Boolean Mode. The final full-text search mode is boolean mode. This lets you include boolean modifiers in your query. You can use this mode when you need advanced control over the matching logic. You can require a word to be present in each result by prefixing it with +. Use -to exclude results which contain the word It's possible for a casting rule to either match against a MySQL data type or against a given column name in a given table name.That flexibility allows to cope with cases where the type tinyint might have been used as a boolean in some cases but as a smallint in others.. The casting rules are applied in order, the first match prevents following rules to be applied, and user defined rules are.

BIT(1) Boolean Fields¶. Some database systems, such as the Java Hibernate ORM, don't use MySQL's bool data type for storing boolean flags and instead use BIT(1).Django's default BooleanField and NullBooleanField classes can't work with this.. The following subclasses are boolean fields that work with BIT(1) columns that will help when connecting to a legacy database Bug #98205 * is not valid at this position, expecting BIT, BOOL, BOOLEAN, DATETIME: Submitted: 13 Jan 2020 14:36: Modified: 21 Jan 2020 10:58: Reporter

Since the theme of my week appears to be database interactions (having looked at index structure query-performance on membership tables and prepared statements in the JDBC driver), I figured I would end the week on more database-related hot take: I no longer use BIT columns to store Boolean data in MySQL. Instead, I use a TINYINT column.. CAUTION: There is no right answer on this topic. MySQL Boolean Data Type. with 11 comments. Somebody posted a quick question about the outcome of defining a table with a bool data type in PHPMyAdmin. They were subsequently surprised when they checked the MySQL database and found that it was actually a tinyint(1) MySQL can perform boolean full-text searches using the IN BOOLEAN MODE modifier. With this modifier, certain characters have special meaning at the beginning or end of words in the search string. In the following query, the + and -operators indicate that a word must be present or absent, respectively, for a match to occur

mysql documentation: Simple BOOLEAN search. Example SET @searchTerm= 'Database Programming -Java'; SELECT MATCH (Title) AGAINST (@searchTerm IN BOOLEAN MODE) Score, ISBN, Author, Title FROM book WHERE MATCH (Title) AGAINST (@searchTerm IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY MATCH (Title) AGAINST (@searchTerm IN BOOLEAN MODE) DESC For MySQL 5.0.3 and higher, you can use BIT. The manual says: As of MySQL 5.0.3, the BIT data type is used to store bit-field values. A type of BIT(M) enables storage of M-bit values. M can range from 1 to 64. Otherwise, according to the MySQL manual you can use bool and boolean which are at the moment aliases of tinyint(1) MySQL NOT IN SQL GROUP BY Example MySQL Arithmetic SQL Aggregate Functions Mysql Merge Statement MySQL ASC MySQL Area MySQL Affected Rows MySQL Auto_Increment MySQL Ascending Command MySQL Boolean Value MySQL Converting Expression PHP SQL Sanitize PHP SQL Select Where PHP SQL Random PHP SQL Script PHP SQL Variable MySQL Begin Transaction MySQL Absolute Value MySQL Addition MySQL Add Column. What we are doing here, is inserting a new record in the foo table. The foo table has a field my_bool that's a BOOLEAN.Note that this is also true for BOOL or TINYINT(1).. We use ->execute to supply the value for the bound parameter, but this should work just the same with bindValue.. The way prepared statements are implemented in PDO for MySQL, is that by default every value is cast to a.

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BOOLEAN/BOOL: False values are stored as zero and true values as one. This datatype has only two values. MySQL does not provide a built-in Boolean data type. It uses TINYINT(1) instead which works the same. For convenience, MySQL provides synonyms of TINYINT(1) as BOOLEAN or BOOL, so that you can use them for simplification. You can use BOOLEAN. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Both the column type i.e. Boolean and tinyint(1) are the same. Hence, you can use any of the column types in an MYSQL database for boolean values Tbh I think this boolean is kind of redundant. I would personally just make a check if they are in the database, if they aren't, they're not banned, if they are, they are banned so grab the reason etc The TINYINT(1) to Boolean mapping in Entity Data Model Wizard/Update From Database Wizard when connection string includes Tiny As Boolean=true; is supported starting from the 6.30.196 version (28-Jul-2011) of dotConnect for MySQL

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According to the table now an human being must not be honest, tolerant or patient and should hate. To solve this you can easily use a query that inverts the value of the columns, for example, to flip all the is_optional column values of every row of the human_values table, you can use the following query syntax: /** Invert all the values of the specified column **/ UPDATE tableName SET `your. It is not just MySQL there is no Boolean datatype in ANSI SQL because Boolean in ANSI SQL is three valued. But like BIT in SQL Server MySQL uses ENUMs for Boolean but it is better to use character datatype instead of number. Try the link below and go to section 1.3 for more info. Hope.


为什么数据中的数据是0和1 设置的时候和取值的时候是boolean类型呢 在数据类型是tinyint类型的时候 1代表true 0代表fals Adding a boolean column with a default value: ALTER TABLE users ADD active BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE ; MySQL offers extensive documentation on supported datatypes in their documentation PostgreSQL supports a single Boolean data type: BOOLEAN that can have three values: true, false and NULL.. PostgreSQL uses one byte for storing a boolean value in the database. The BOOLEAN can be abbreviated as BOOL.. In standard SQL, a Boolean value can be TRUE, FALSE, or NULL.However, PostgreSQL is quite flexible when dealing with TRUE and FALSE values.. MySQL에서는 boolean형은 BOOL혹은 BOOLEAN으로 정의 하면 됩니다. 실제로 boolean형이라고 하면 1비트면 충분하지만 MySQL에서는 BOOLEAN형으로 하면, TINYINT(1)과 같이 1바이트를 잡아 먹습니다. 그리고 데이터. MySQL BOOLEAN example MySQL stores Boolean value in the table as an integer. To demonstrate this, let's look at the following tasks table: CREATE TABLE tasks ( id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, title VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, completed BOOLEAN ); Even though we specified the completed column as BOOLEAN, when we show the table definition, it is.

Return Values. Returns an array of strings that corresponds to the fetched row, or false if there are no more rows. The type of returned array depends on how result_type is defined. By using MYSQL_BOTH (default), you'll get an array with both associative and number indices. Using MYSQL_ASSOC, you only get associative indices (as mysql_fetch_assoc() works), using MYSQL_NUM, you only get number. No sé si has notado que al crear un campo del tipo boolean en MySQL este queda como tinyint por arte de magia, pues no te preocupes, BIT, BOOL, BOOLEAN es exactamente lo mismo a TINYINT(1), cualquiera de estos tipos es correcto y se almacena un 0 para indicar que es FALSE y cualquiera distint MySQL sẽ báo lỗi nếu bạn tìm kiếm từ là 'mysql +', hoặc 'mysql-'. Ngưỡng 50% có nghĩa là nếu một từ xuất hiện hơn 50% số hàng, MySQL sẽ bỏ qua từ đó trong kết quả tìm kiếm. Trên là những thông tin hữu ích về cách sử dụng Boolean Full-Text Searches trong MySQL For short: It want to use BOOLEAN in my changesets which works in all of my cases. But for this, imho, the mentioned patch has to be applied, to convert BOOLEAN into TINYINT(1), in the case of a mysql database to avoid BIT(1). Last but not least this BIT value thing seems to be existing as of MySQL 5.0.3

If you want to allow users to connect to the local mysql server, you must turn on the selinuxuser_mysql_connect_enabled boolean also. - Anton Makovetsky May 18 '17 at 11:47. 1. setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect 1 may also be needed Field name Description Type Versions; mariadb.bulk.flag.autoid: Return Generated Autoincrement IDs: Boolean: 3.4.0 to 3.4.4: mariadb.bulk.flag.sendtypes: Send.

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Recently, with MySQL 5.6, fulltext search became available in InnoDB. (matching, ranking, grouping and more), while MySQL has a limited set of fulltext search options (only boolean, natural language mode, and with query expansion). Sphinx will give you better indexing and search performance. And, using Sphinx with MySQL is easy Converting to boolean. Um einen Wert explizit zu boolean zu konvertieren, wird (bool) oder (boolean) zum casten verwendet. Dies ist jedoch in den meisten Fällen nicht nötig, da ein Wert automatisch konvertiert wird wenn eine Funktion oder Kontrollstruktur ein boolean Argument verlangt. Siehe auch Typumwandlungen.. Bei der Konvertierung zum Typ boolean gelten die folgenden Werte als false Campo Boolean no MySQL 05/12/2011. 232. Java. Boa tarde, pessoal. Gostaria de saber se o MySQL oferece essa opção, pois não a encontro! Ele tem ou não !? Haveria alguma forma de fazer-lo !? Obrigada desde já Jussara Silva. Curtir tópico + 0. Responder. Posts. 05/12/2011. Ryuuji. Se não me engano o MySql usa o TINY INT (1. Since Bool/Boolean is converted to TinyInt(1) in MySQL Reactor creates logic that works with numeric rather than boolean. For instance the validators check isNumeric() which results in all my true/false fields erring out

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mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in the while loop argument booleankhông phải là một kiểu dữ liệu riêng biệt trong MySQL; nó chỉ là một từ đồng nghĩa với tinyint.Xem trang này trong hướng dẫn sử dụng MySQL.. Cá nhân tôi khuyên bạn nên sử dụng tinyint như một tùy chọn, bởi vì boolean không làm những gì bạn nghĩ nó làm từ tên, vì vậy nó tạo ra mã có khả năng gây hiểu lầm ValueError: Cannot mask with non-boolean array containing NA / NaN values. Example 2: Pandas simulate Like operator and regex. Second example will demonstrate the usage of Pandas contains plus regex. Activating regex matching is done by regex=True. The pipe operator 'sh|rd' is used as or: df[df['class'].str.contains('sh|rd', regex=True, na=True) I have a MySQL 5.5.4 table with >200M rows which has a FULLTEXT index on two columns Boolean-mode searches can be done on nonindexed columns, although they are likely to be slow. This would explain why you're seeing different behavior in Boolean mode. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Mar 5 '11 at 4:00 Select boolean but reverse the value我正在使用具有布尔值字段的表,但是字段名称为负数,因此布尔值是双负数。例如 未注册TINYINT(1)我要选择的是已注册

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So gelingt der Import und der Export großer MySQL Datenbanken. Möchte man große MySQL-Datenbanken importieren oder exportieren, so stößt man mit phpMyAdmin schnell an dessen Grenzen. Überlicherweise bereitet der Datenimport mehr Probleme als der Export. Wie man diese Probleme jedoch lösen kann, erfährst du hier 解决mysql数据库tinyInt(1) 转换为java的Boolean解决方案. JAVA数据类型 和 MYSQL的数据类型转换,要注意tinyInt 类型,且存储长度为1的情况。 mysql文档给出的解释. java.lang.Boolean if the configuration property tinyInt1isBit is set to true (the default) and the storage size is 1, or java.lang.Integer if not If you have a column in your database which may only contain the value 0 or 1 (i.e. a bit value), you probably want to map it to the boolean static type in your entity, rather than an integer. This could be the case for smallint, tinyint(1), int(1), boolean columns, etc. I found two suggestions on how to do this, but only one of them worked for me MySQL で Boolean 型を表したければ、少し気持ち悪いですが tinyint(1) でカラムを作った方が良いようです。 参考. コメント: mySQLには、boolean型が無いなんて・・ - スラッシュドット・ジャパン; 新しい業界標準「SQL99」詳細解説; C言語編 第10章 変数のサイ Boolean flag that is True if the field has a one-to-many relation, such as a GenericRelation or the reverse of a ForeignKey; False otherwise. Field.one_to_one¶ Boolean flag that is True if the field has a one-to-one relation, such as a OneToOneField; False otherwise. Field.related_model¶ Points to the model the field relates to

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