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The A1 licence can be attained by riders of 17 or over, and permits the holder to ride small motorbikes of up to 125cc without L-plates, including using motorways and carrying a passenger. To get an A1 licence, you need a current CBT certificate, and to pass both the motorcycle theory test and a two-part practical test. The A2 licence Yes, if you have a full car licence you can ride a 125cc scooter or motorbike. However, you must take and pass your compulsory basic training (CBT) before riding on the road. With a completed CBT, you can ride a 125cc motorcycle on the road with L plates

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If you are between 17 & 24 and have a full bike licence you can ride any bike in the world which does not exceed or is restricted to 33 bhp for two years then your licence becomes unrestricted. If you are 25+ & have a full bike licence you can ride what you like as long as you can afford the insurance. These laws will take affect in 2008 You'll get a full moped licence if you either: pass your car driving test and then complete a compulsory basic training (CBT) course complete a CBT course and then pass your car driving test within.. Here's 5 different bikes which really show the styles of motorbike and scooters you can ride on a CBT licence. Scomadi TL125 (Air Cooled) Vespa and Lambretta lovers take another look, there's a new kid on the block from Lancashire. Launched in 2009 Scomadi are bringing their take as a 'Modern Classic'

No. Category p on your full UK car driving licence limits you to a moped. You can ride up to 125cc motorcycle (geared or twist and go automatic scooter) with a valid CBT certificate as a provisional motorcycle rider (L-plates front and rear) Q: I did a CBT several years ago, can I still ride my 125cc motorcycle or scooter. You can drive/ride a motor tricycle of any power rating if you're over 21 and you have a full car driving licence. If this is not the case you'll need a full category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to a power output of 15 Kilowatts (kW), and a full category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output more than 15 kW You can drive a motor tricycle of any power rating if you're over 21 and you have a full car driving licence. If this is not the case, you'll need a full Category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to a power output of 15kW), and a full Category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output more than 15kW

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As an RE provisional or open licence holder, you can learn to ride an R motorcycle if you have held an RE provisional or open licence for at least 2 years. You must ride under the direction of a person who currently holds and has held an R open licence for at least 1 year A, since 2013 this is only for riders over 24 years old, full powered bikes. A2, since 2013 for riders over 18, under 24, max 35kW power. A1, max 125cc and/or 11kW power, riders over 16 years old. AM, mopeds slower then 45km/h, riders over 16 years old. Full details of each licence is explained here by the RSA I have a full driving licence with a category 'A' motorcycle entitlement with code 78, which means I can ride any sized motorcycle so long as it's automatic. My confusion is whether I can ride the new Honda type Dual Clutch Technology (DCT) bikes which have automatic twist and go function and also an option for electronic push paddle gear change What you need to do to ride a motorcycle, moped or motor tricycle - tests and training, minimum ages, vehicle requirements, new licence rule

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Full A2 licence held for more than 2 years You can ride a motorcycle of any size Pass 2-part practical test on a motorcyle at least 595cc and at least 50kW with a minimum kerb weight of 180kg - you must pass module 2 within 6 months of passing module 1 You'll need to wait until you're 24 or have had a valid A2 licence for 2 years You can. If you obtained a full car licence before 1 February 2001, you can ride a moped without a CBT certificate. Otherwise, before riding either a moped or motorcycle on the road you'll need to find a.. In a car, you have to have a full licence holder as a passenger. On a bike, you have to be accompanied by an instructor and in radio contact with them, plus (I think) you have to be wearing hi-viz. What bike can I ride with a full car licence? If you passed your licence before 1st February 2001, you can ride a scooter / moped up to 50cc / 4kW without L plates. If you want anything with more power, you will need to take your CBT if you can ride solo on a car licence then you can have pillion. i.e. moped, but make sure insurance covers it and relevant 3 wheelers. Wendy whyatt March 5th, 2018 3:22pm Reply. Hi , I am interested in getting a MP3 trick and w ish to know the legal rights that I will require to allow me to ride this on my full driving licance

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While some states and territories allow car-licence holders to ride mopeds, few, if any, allow them to carry passengers on a scooter. In Queensland, for example, scooter riders can only carry passengers if the rider has held a motorcycle licence for at least 12 months It validates the provisional portion of your licence allowing you to ride a moped or 125cc. What licence do I need? To take part in a CBT training course you need one of these: A full valid UK car licence with category A provisonal entitlement. A provisional licence with valid provisional motorcycle entitlement (Category A) - for 125cc entitlement As you have a full car licence, you can ride a 50cc (moped) as a full licence holder, which means no L plates and you can carry passengers (50cc/mopeds are not allowed on motorways) Motorists with a full car driving licence may ride a motorcycle (up to 125cc) without passing a test or obtaining a special licence. US motorcycle tests are mostly superficial and in most states there's no restriction on the size of bike a rider can ride after passing his test

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  1. With an A1 licence, you'll be able to ride a bike up to 125cc (top speed of around 60mph), ride without L-plates, go on motorways and carry a passenger. To get your A1 licence you must be at least 17 and have passed your CBT, your theory, and both parts of your practical motorcycle tests
  2. Many WW2 era tanks are still operational today; these can be driven on the roads with your full car licence counting as a provisional. Pedestrian Controlled Vehicle Categories - Category K Licence A Category K licence lets you drive a ride- on mowing machine or pedestrian controlled vehicle
  3. Again the standard driving licence no longer covers the use of mopeds. New drivers have to take CBT before they can use such a vehicle on the road. Essentially is a motorcycle that does not exceed 30 mph. Looks cool but you cannot take it down the M62 to Manchester to join your fellow mods as you cannot use a moped on the motorway
  4. Even with a full car driving licence, you cannot ride a 125cc bike because you will need the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate to do so. This means that you will need to retake your CBT if you wish to ride the 125cc bike and that's going to be valid for another 2 years if you pass
  5. If you complete your CBT, then you would be eligible to go and get a full moped license. This would mean that you could ride a moped, up to a 50cc engine, without needing to have L plates. Therefore, if you passed on or after the 1 st February 2001 then you can ride a 50cc mope

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  1. If you passed the bike test before 2000 (I think) you can ride a trike on your bike licence. So we now have the ludicrous situation where you can have 10 years' experience on bikes, but you can't..
  2. A quad bike is classed as being a B1 vehicle by the Government. This means that to drive a road-legal quad bike on public roads, the driver must hold a full car licence or full motorcycle licence category B1
  3. Can I ride a sidecar outfit of any size on the road with just a CBT? You could, but to bring the UK into line with EU law this has now changed. You will require the same licence as you would for a solo bike of the same size
  4. Can I drive a motorbike if I have a category A on my driving licence? I passed my driving test nearly 60 years ago and have held a licence ever since. I am aware of the present requirements regarding riding a motor bike, though I've never owned or driven one
  5. Holders of a provisional license / full car license may legally ride 50 cc scooters. For other scooters a motorcycle license applies . Buying a Scooter. Easiest choice is often the 50cc scooter. As you can see you often don't need a special licence to ride this type of scooter & it is the best on petrol. Choice between 2 & 4 stroke engines . 2 stroke. PRO
  6. I've got my AM license - what exactly can I ride? If you're 16 and over and have your AM license, you can ride: Mopeds with a maximum speed of 28mph; Small three-wheelers up to 50cc and below 4kw; Light quadricycles under 350kg in weight, with a top speed of 28mph; With no L-plates; With a pillion passenger; AM-friendly scooter

Did you know that the majority of Irish car licences category B come with Full category M entitlement. This gives you automatic entitlement to use up to 50cc mopeds. And what better way to beat traffic and save money! By leaving the car at home and switching over to one of these traffic busters you can save up to €2000 per annum To ride a big bike, you will need a full (A) motorcycle licence. To get one of these, first, you need to be over 24 years old, with either a full car licence, or a provisional licence showing Category A. Next, you will need to pass the Motorcycle Theory test. Then you will need to complete Compulsory Basic training (CBT) you have a full car driving licence You'll need a full category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to power output 15 Kilowatts (kW), and a full category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output more than 15 kW When you pass your A1 licence and gain your full A1 motorcycle licence, you can get rid of your learner plates, carry a passenger, be able to go to motorways, and practice safe riding on a 125cc motorcycle. A2 Licence If you are aged between 19 and 24 years, you are restricted to ride a bike of a power output of no more than 35kW (47BhP) You can then ride unaccompanied on a public road a two-wheeled vehicle with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), with L plates, for up to two years. You must first pass the theory test for motorcycles, the manoeuvres test and then the moped practical test to get your full moped licence

Tricycle riders retain their full category B1 (trikes and quads) entitlement but it is displayed differently on driving licences. It will be shown as category B1 and category A (restricted to.. The learner rider licence is the first step in the Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme (MGLS), which qualifies you to ride a motorbike, motor scooter or three-wheeled scooter on NSW roads. To get your learner licence, you need to: be at least 16 years and 9 months of age Car and scooter manufacturer Peugeot recently took inspiration from both forms of transport to produce a tiny, 2.5m-long, four-seater electric vehicle reminiscent of the bubble cars of the 1960s. The line that separates lightweight cars and motorcycles continue to blur with the advent of the Aixam Coupe S, a light quadricycle that be driven with an. If you have a full driving licence, you may be entitled to ride a 50cc moped without any additional training. This'll depend on when you passed your driving test. The provisional licence costs £34 if you apply online, or £43 by post. After your application, it should take 1-2 weeks for the licence to get to you

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With wider the 300, as long as you have a full 'B' car driving licence you need do nothing more than just get on and ride it away. There's no need for a CBT or any kind of motorcycle test to be legally able to ride it in the UK But of course, even that is complicated. For instance, if you've got a car licence and a CBT certificate - or even just a car licence alone, providing it was gained before 1 February 2001 - you automatically have a 'full' moped licence. You can ride a moped with no L-plate and, yes, you can take a passenger on it

If you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001, passed a moped test and have a full moped licence after passing a test after 1 December 1990, have a full motorcycle licence for one category and are upgrading to another, or live on an offshore island - then you can ride a 50cc motorbike without a CBT. Pass your theory motorcycle tes What can you ride on your licence? Driving licences are fairly simple for car drivers - either you've passed your driving test and can drive a car, or you're a provisional licence holder and you can't. But the world of scooters and motorcycles is a little bit different. Age, pass dates and various licence categories to muddy the waters 125 Motorcycle & Motorbike Licence . Full UK bike licence with a two-year power restriction on what you can ride. Aimed at those not wanting to ride anything too powerful for two years and the only licence option available to those aged 17+. This licence can be gained using either a manual or automatic motorcycle you desire a licence with class B1 on it, which comes alongside with class B, a automobile licence. In sturdy talk, it somewhat is truthfully-called Motor tricycles / quadricycles, 3 or 4 wheeled automobiles with an unladen weight no longer exceeding 550kg. a motorbike licence, that's P, A1 or A, isn't adequate

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You need to have a minimum of 12 months experience as a P1 rider before you can upgrade to a P2 rider licence. After holding a P2 rider licence for a minimum of 24 months riding experience, you can upgrade to a full rider licence. Motorcycle GLS at a glance How new riders progress through the Graduated Licensing Scheme Tricycle: Where a person had an entitlement to the category B full licence prior to 19 January 2013 that also covered them to ride tricycles. They still retain that entitlement. All first full licences issued for the category B from 19 January 2013 would not have this entitlement and therefore they must take out the appropriate bike category to ride a trike Get started with a provisional licence. The first licence you'll get will be your provisional licence, which you apply for when you start learning to drive a car or ride a moped or motorbike.. If you already have a full drivers licence, you won't have to apply again for a provisional licence for a moped or motorbike In addition, full car licence holders can ride up to a 50cc moped without L-Plates and carry a pillion passenger. 1996 - July - Changes to CBT. Only UK licence holders can take a Motorcycle test. EU licences are not acceptable. All new CBT certificates were now valid for 3 years from date of issue - subsequently superseded you can ride without a supervisor, and; once you have reached your earliest exam date you can take a; Class 6 road test (if you already have a B.C. driver's licence), or a; Class 8 road test (if you don't have a B.C. driver's licence or are in the L or N stages of graduated licensing for passenger vehicles)

Once you have passed the advanced Rider Safe course you must be issued with a South Australian driver's licence endorsed with the R-Date class before you can ride a motorbike without L Plates. If you do not already hold a full licence for another class of licence, for example a car or truck, you will be subject to provisional licence conditions and rules Under section 87 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, driving without a full and appropriate driving licence can lead to three to six points on your licence and a potential fine of up to £1,000. Additionally, if you drive without both a licence and insurance, you can be given a further six to eight penalty points on top of the points you received for the initial offence, and a fine of up to £5,000 We explain all of the UK driving licence categories, describe what car can you drive with your licence and tell you how to upgrade your licence so you can do more with i If you have a class 2 or 4 licence, you can tow a light trailer behind your rigid vehicle. Don't count the weight of the light trailer in any gross combined weight calculations. Traction engines. A person steering (or directing) a traction engine must hold a New Zealand class 1 full licence and one of the following You can either: get your restricted licence before your learner licence expires; renew your learner licence up to 90 days before it expires. If you're ready for your restricted licence. If you've held your learner licence for at least six months and you're a confident, safe rider, you can apply for your restricted licence

Note: Provisional category B car licences (and provisional category A licences) now only cover people with a physical disability to ride motor tricycles.Driving tests for 3-wheeled vehicles are only available for physically disabled drivers. Riders with a Full EU Driving Licence. The rules change if you have a full EU driving licence What I can tell you is, people on motorbikes have zero mercy to anyone else on one, whether farang or Thai... their sole purpose in life is to get around you anyway they can, just like with car drivers, it's something inbred in them, they have to overtake, and if you either hit someone else or have a fall, they ain't slowing down, they'll just keep riding, same as if they hit your car. Scenario 1: Full Car License, Zero Demerit Points, Learners bike permit. Get charged with an offense attracting one point you would lose bike permit but not car license. Scenario 2: Had your full license for a while and have 11 points already accrued. Get your Bike Learners permit My motorcycle licence Moped riders. The holder of any class of South Australian driver's licence can ride a moped as long as the moped is registered, insured and compliant with Australian design rules. The holder of a South Australian learner's permit cannot ride a moped unless the permit is endorsed with R-Date

Unless you obtained a full car licence before February 2001, you will need to complete a Compulsory Basic Training course if you want to ride a motorbike or moped. A moped is classed as any bike that is below 50cc and does not exceed 50kph (which is about 31 miles per hour) The training ensures you can ride safely and on your own whilst you practice for your full licence which is explained further down. On completion of your CBT you will be able to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc (with an engine power of up to 11kW) if you pass when you are older than 16, or a moped up to 50cc if you pass your CBT at 16

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  1. I have a full car licencem have I got grandfather rights to ride a 125cc motorcycle: A: No. You may have moped rights (category p, that's a lowercase p) along the bottom of your pink driving licence. In which case you can legally ride a moped
  2. Can you ride a quad on a car licence? Yes, you can drive a quad bike or trike on the road if you have a full car licence. But, anyone with car driving licences issued before January 1997 is going to need a B1 license type. ATV MOT Rules. If your quad bike is over 3 years old, you need to have it tested and hold a valid MOT certificate to use it.
  3. Can I ride a 125cc bike on full car licence without CBT? Ja. 7 replies. 21.9K views. What training do you need to ride a 125cc scooter in Northern Ireland? iz. 2 replies. 1.5K views. Temporary insurance for US licence holder on holiday in UK to relative's car. Ji. me. Le. 7 replies. 1.2K views
  4. Even if the Driving Licence Regulations state that category B or B 96 entitles you to tow a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of over 750 kg, you must always check the car's registration certificate for technical vehicle requirements relating to the maximum authorised mass of the trailer, i.e. the maximum total weight of the trailer to be towed by the car
  5. Ready to ride? Don't be a rebel without a cause. Before you hop on your motorcycle, make sure you drive by the rules of the road.. Get Your Motorcycle License or Endorsement. While requirements for legally riding a motorcycle vary from state to state, all states share one common requirement: a license to ride
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Before your first ride, you'll be prompted to scan your driving license in order to unlock a scooter. You must have the category Q entitlement on your driving licence to use an e-scooter. A full or provisional UK licence for categories AM, A or B includes entitlement for category Q. If you have one of these licences, you can use an e-scooter Car You need to be 17 before you can get a provisional licence and start learning to drive a car. Bike For mopeds it is 16 and for motorcycles, depending on the power of the bike, it may be from 17 to 21 years. You can apply for a provisional licence to ride a moped when you're 16 No you don't need to get a full car driving licence to get a motorcycle license, you can ride a 50cc moped (whether this is styled like a motorbike or scooter doesn't matter) at the age of 16 with. Once the full bike test has been passed, this license allows the holder, who can be aged 17 and over, to ride a motorcycle with a power output of 14.6bhp or under and a maximum of a 125cc engine. Category A: This license has different restrictions, dependent on the rider's age

The best 125cc motorbikes article takes some of the most popular bikes that I can ride right now with my current licence - a full UK car one with a CBT, which means up to 15bhp and not more than 0. On the receipt of my permit, under the license type boxes, I was ticked under Car ( Full, I'm on Car Full License for 10 yrs now ) and Motorcycle ( Full ) and conditions E which basically says that I must ride on LAMS bikes and must not carry a pillion passenger You can ride a Can-Am On-Road product with a car licence (B), if you have gained your driving licence before 19 January 2013. For all new driving licences gained in Germany after 19 January 2013, you need an A (motorcycle) license to ride a Can-Am On-Road product and you need to be at least 21 years of age

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  1. Your licence has information about you, which vehicles you can drive and the conditions you must follow while driving. If you are a provisional or learner licence holder, you must carry your licence with you when you are driving and show it to a police officer if asked
  2. If they are the former, then my car license doesn't cover me to ride one, but if it is indeed a trike, then I can ride it as it would be covered by a car license (three wheeled cars and trikes are class A or B depending on whether or not they are manual or auto). I have asked many people, but no-one seems to know
  3. The A2 licence consists of passing the theory, and practical on an A2 compliant bike, but you still can't ride the big bikes (up to 35 kW (and a power-to-weight ratio not more than 0.2 kW per kg). Fortunately, after 2 years on an A2 licence, you can retake your training and upgrade your licence to a full A licence
  4. The law states, To drive a quad bike on the road you need to have a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997. However, you don't need a licence to ride these vehicles off-road (e.g. on private land)
  5. I have full bike and car yet my paper counterpart still has the bike catagory in the provisional entitlements, I can see that being fun when i apply to change my licence for whatever reason. Thankfully i have my full bike pass certificate, my card also shows full bike entitlement and will get an endorsed photcopy before i send anything
  6. Don't think the standard MP3 can be ridden on car licence, as the width between the front wheels is not sufficient. By the way I've been testing a hybrid Piagio MP3 (125cc & electric). It was a fantastic machine, with great road holding. They can still go over if you're not careful. The hybrid will cost about £9000 and weighs as much as a BMW.
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I was just looking at my new full car driving licence and noticed i had the following category's: A with restriction code 79(3) AM restriction code 122 A1 and A2 is blank I have been goggling but i find the information confusing My last bike was a Suzuki GP125 but sold it when i passed my car test 15 years ago. Any information would be appreciated There is no similar training requirement to obtain a motorcycle licence in Cyprus. A CBT pass does not entitle you to exchange your UK motorcycle licence for a full Cyprus one. Driving Licences. More information on Driving Licences, how to apply and validity etc., can be read on the Cyprus Driving Licence page

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This licence allows you to ride any size bike however it must be restricted to no more than 35Kw (47bhp) and have a power to rate ration which is no more than 0.2 Kw. This will mean you can carry passengers and ride on motorways. A - Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence. This is the most complete licence you can get If you have a full car licence issued before 1st February 2001 you may ride a restricted 50cc moped on the road without L plates (and carry a passenger) without taking your CBT, but you still need to successfully complete your CBT to ride any motorcycle over 50cc

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These licence requirements will only affect new riders who pass their test on or after January 19th, 2013. Let's take them step by step: Getting Your UK Provisional Motorcycle Licence. To start your journey you need a provisional Category A licence, either included in your full car licence or as part of a provisional licence I can only comment on the spider as that's what I went for, I didn't wont to ride a 2 wheeler at my age on the road don't get me wrong I can ride one but feel safer on the spider .If you have a car license you can write a letter to the head of the rego department requesting for a trike only license , I think it was, rego department will give you the address or message me back and ill. You can ride more powerful bikes and, if after two years you're not yet 24, you can go straight to your Unrestricted A licence. If you are 24 then there's no need to take any practical test but the Unrestricted A licence. If you want to ride the fastest bikes, this is the one for you

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It came automatically (no additional testing) with a car licence up until 2001: If you have a full car licence which was obtained before the 1st February 2001 then you automatically have a full moped licence. This means you can ride a moped without any prior training, nor will you have to display L-plates plus you are able to take passengers Here are some guidelines as to who can ride an Artisan EV2000 Electric Scooter and an Artisan EVO Electric Motorcycle on the road. The EV2000 scooter is restricted to 30mph, so the law treats it as a 30mph 50cc petrol moped / scooter

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You'll really feel good about your achievement when you nail the test on your own bike. Q4: Can I get Bank Finance with only a Learner License? A4: Yes, you can but your Insurance Premium will be higher until you obtain your Full K53 Motorcycle License and have done an ARC (Advance Rider Course) with a certified academy Provisional UK driving licence or full car licence, motorcycle theory test (not needed for CBT or lessons but needed 10 days before Module 1), sturdy unripped jeans/biker trousers, boots with ankle protection. CAMRIDER REVIEW - PASSED PUPILS SIX SESSION FULL TEST . Peter Cornell: Great Getting a Motorcycle Licence Please phone or email me at StarRider, 0424 343 939 or magicmagicol@gmail.com if I can help to clarify any of the details below and of course to arrange private lessons to make you a safe and confident rider, able to convince the examiner you are ready to hold a Motorcycle Licence If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 February 2001, you must complete a CBT course to confirm your full moped licence. This means you won't have to take CBT every 2 years to continue riding a moped. If you already have a CBT certificate and then pass your car test, you can ride a moped without L plates without taking the full.

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I am looking to buy a three wheel scooter and I am finding it difficult to understand what my licence allows me to ride. My licence says Category A 79(3). Also, AM and then the usual B1 and B. I received my car licence in 1992. I rode motorcycles in another country for 6 years but seems it has not been transferred to my UK licence I am an expat driving on Australian full car license. I have had motorbikes in the past and have no problem riding one, just don't have a motorbike license at the moment. I want to buy a 1200 cc bike and want to know what I need to do to get a motorbike license to drive one that size. thank If you like the efficiency of an electric bike, but the look of a stylish, sleek scooter, you don't have to bother with licenses or insurance anymore. The No-License Scooters is the answer to your desires. Classified as an electric bike, the scooters offers you a maximum speed of 25 km/h (or 15.5 mph), with a powerful lithium battery that will last for more than 800 charges. A full charge of. You can ride a moped 125cc at 17 years of age with a CBT. I did it and got stopped by police and checked and everything was fine. Never an issue. A CBT allows a rider to ride a moped upto 50cc with a provisional licence from 16 years of age, and a motorbike upto 125cc with a full car licence from 17 years of age If the vehicle is classed as a tricycle, you can drive a motor tricycle of any power rating if you are over 21 and have a full car driving licence. If not, you will need a full category A1 motorbike licence to ride motor tricycles up to a power output 15 kW , and a full category A motorbike licence to ride trikes with a power output of more than 15 kW

Bike rider safety Cycling road rules review Car doors & bike riders (also known as a Check Ride) before you can book in for your motorcycle licence assessment. It's a system which delays getting a full licence by giving beginners the opportunity to gain experience and acquire critical driving skills under low risk conditions Bike rider safety Cycling road rules review Car doors & bike riders sign up to myVicRoads so that you can check your licence status. If your licence isn't current, or you have a Fines Victoria you'll be issued a full motorcycle licence without the novice rider restrictions The basic rider safe course is a pre-licence training course that teaches the basic and advanced skills necessary for you to ride a motorcycle safely on the road.. Training is available at: St Agnes; Murray Bridge; Millicent; Barmera; Port Pirie; Whyalla. To take part in a Basic Rider Safe course, you must have a current driver's licence or learner's permit However, as long as you have taken your CBT, you can still ride with L plates for a maximum of two years, even if you do not have a full moped licence. As well as scooters and mopeds, an AM licence also allows you to ride small three-wheelers (up to 50cc and 4KW power) or light quads weighing under 350kg and with a top speed of 28mph, providing you have passed your CBT and practical test Unfortunately, there are some pretty major consequences that you can face if you ride a motorcycle without a license. First, let's clear something up. Having a regular driver's license does not make you eligible to ride a motorcycle. In order to ride a motorcycle legally, you will at least need to obtain a motorcycle permit

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